Collecting your goods in a Dockx Service Shop

All Dockx Collection Points are located in Dockx Service Shops. Dockx Rental is well known for its car rental service. Dockx Shops rent cars, vans, removal vans, trucks and trailers. If your goods do not fit into your own car, you can rent the appropriate vehicle in the Shop.

Would you like to rent a vehicle?

Is the package too large to fit into your own car? Then rent a Dockx van in the Shop and transport your goods at no risk. You can rent for the day or on an hourly basis.

Rent a vehicle

Collecting your goods in the Dockx Collection Point

When you bought your goods, you agreed with the webshop or shop to collect the goods yourself from a Dockx Collection Point. Dockx Collection Points can be found in Dockx Service Shops.