Delivery of your goods to your home

It is most convenient for you to have your goods delivered to your home. You needn’t worry whether or not your car is big enough, and you will not have to bother with any transport issues. Dockx will deliver large packages right to your door or anywhere else within your home. The only thing you need to consider is whether a basic delivery is sufficient. Or whether some additional services would be helpful.

Or did you choose to collect your goods from a Dockx Collection Point?

Having your goods delivered, installed and assembled

Would you like to avoid the hassle of struggling with large kitchen appliances, or dragging sofas and wardrobes? Perhaps you are missing the proper equipment to move large household appliances without risking your back ─ then Dockx can help you.

Standard delivery package and additional services

Dockx can do more than just deliver large packages to your door. Using professional removal equipment, such as rolling boards, dollies, removal lifts and caterpillar lifts, we can get large goods to just the right place in your home.

Dockx standard delivery

The standard Dockx home delivery package is a home delivery whereby one or two Dockx delivery staff deliver goods to the ground floor, provided that the ground floor is easily accessible, i.e. without obstacles such as stairs, a number of steps or a lift.

Full service delivery including assembly, installation and waste recuperation

The full service delivery is the standard delivery package plus the addition of extra services:

  • Delivery on appointment, including the possibility for an evening delivery
  • Delivery to a storey using the stairs, an indoor or outdoor lift
  • Furniture assembly
  • Disconnect and remove old appliance
  • Take away the old similar-sized electrical appliance (Recupel)
  • Installation, fitting, and testing of kitchen cookers, refrigerators, washing machines and other domestic appliances
  • Provision of basic information on operating the new appliance